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Valuable Quality Computer Software courses in India with low fee Admission, have been designed & Approved by ITTM-SITED after keeping in mind the present valid need of market.

As you know in Present Time I.T has been the fastest growing sector and the demands for I.T Jobs or professionals have been fastly increasing.

Sarva Computer Education is providing variety of quality online or offline computer courses- ADCA, DCA, DFA, Web Desiging, Typing etc. outside formal education sector to public at large.

So that  every person of our country has ability to become software developers, programmers, database administrators, systems analysts, computer scientists, Computer operator. Computer Accountant, graphic designer, Typist, web designer, computer instructors, Dress designer etc.

All online or offline Basic I.T. skill advancement Courses mentioned below are being run, NFP basis for learning skills outside formal education sector, solely under the certification, seal, authority of I.T & Skill Advancement Training Awareness Programme, run by Sarva I.T. & Educational Development (India), which is an autonomous national organization, Certified/Licensed by Govt. of India for this noble cause.

Note- Below Mentioned Course Name list, Eligibility & Duration are subject to change. Means the same can be modified as per our recognized institute owner's present and future requirements.



 Recognized Computer Software Courses List By S.I.T.E.D 


* PG Diploma In Computer Application Skills (PGDCAS)

   Eligibility- Graduation  Duration- 1 Year


* Diploma in Computer Instructor Training Skills (DCITS)

   Eligibility- 12th   Duration- 1 Year


* Advance Diploma in Computer Programming Skills (ADCPS)

   Eligibility- 12th    Duration- 1 Year


* Honours Diploma in Computer Skills (HDCS or MDCS)

   Eligibility- 12th   Duration- 1 Year


* Diploma In Computer Office Management & Publishing (DCOMP)

   Eligibility- 12th   Duration- 1 Year


* Advance Diploma in Computer Application (ADCA or ADCS)

   Eligibility- 10th     Duration- 1 Year


* Diploma in Computer Office Skills & Accounting (DCOSA) Or

* Advance Diploma in Computer Financial Accounting (ADCFA)

   Eligibility- 10th   Duration- 1 Year


* Advance Certificate in Computer Skills (ACCS or MCCS)

   Eligibility- Under 10th   Duration- 1 Year


* Diploma in Computer Financial Accounting (DCFA)

   Eligibility- 10th   Duration- 6 Months


* Diploma in Web Designing (DWD)

   Eligibility- 10th    Duration- 6 Months


* Diploma in Computer Application (DCA or DCS)

   Eligibility- 10th     Duration- 6 Months


* Certificate in Computer Application (CCA) Or

* Certificate in Computer Skills (CCS)

   Eligibility- NA     Duration- 6 Months


* Certificate in Basic Computer (CBC)

   Eligibility- NA    Duration- 3 Months


* Certificate in Computer Financial Accounting (CCFA)

   Eligibility- NA    Duration- 3 Months


Other Short Term Computer Software Skill Courses 

Eligibility-  Not Applicable (NA)

  • Certificate in Computer English Typing -- 1/2/3/6 Months
  • Certificate in Computer Hindi Typing -- 1/2/3/6 Months
  • Certificate in Computer Punjabi Typing -- 1/2/3/6 Months
  • Certificate in Computer Marathi Typing -- 1/2/3/6 Months
  • Certificate in Computer Bengali Typing -- 1/2/3/6 Months
  • Certificate in Computer Sanskrit Typing -- 1/2/3/6 Months
  • Certificate in Computer Kannada Typing -- 1/2/3/6 Months
  • Certificate in Computer Telugu Typing -- 1/2/3/6 Months
  • Certificate in Computer Tamil Typing -- 1/2/3/6 Months
  • Certificate in Computer Oriya Typing -- 1/2/3/6 Months
  • Certificate in Computer Malayalam Typing -- 1/2/3/6 Months
  • Certificate in Internet Application -- 1 Months or 45 Days
  • Certificate in Web Designing -- 2/3 Months
  • Certificate in Basic Computer -- 1/2 Months
  • Certificate in CompuFunda for kids -- 1/2 Months
  • Certificate in Computer Programming -- 1/2/3/6 Months
  • Certificate in Accounting-- 1/2/3 Months or 45 days


Note : Subjects & Syllabus of abovementioned Courses can be desigined by Our Authorised Centre Requirements. More Details on Course subjects or syllabus check Your Centre login panel at  



Computer Courses Examination & Certification Process in Top Computer Courses Institute-

  1. You can collect examination form, from concerned affiliated computer centre head/Director by depositing prescribed examination fee for the course.
  2. You have to submit the said examination form to our authorized computer franchise centre Director within prescribed time.
  3. At least 35% Pass Marks required in examination. If you do not clear exams then one attempt will be given to you to pass out the exams along with reappearing examination fee.
  4. After passing the theoretical as well as practical examinations you will be awarded with the certification.
  5. Certificate will be awarded to you, after paying any outstanding or pending dues to center owner.
  6. You can collect respective course certificate or diploma from centre director, after the period of 25 days from the date of your examination completion.
  7. Student can verify his/her roll no. at our website-


Computer Courses Discount Offer Scheme. Don't Miss Chance, Apply Now For Admission & get benefit of Relexation Offer-

  • Girls/SC/ST/OBC/Financial weak student/I.R.D.P/Ex-Serviceman's Son/Daughter, Widow’s Son, Daughter/Real brother& sisters. The said discount or relaxation in fees will be offered by respective centre head in admission fee or tuition fee or exam fee. This discount shall be given to those students who produce certificates or proof for their concerned categories in order to get relaxation in the fees prescribed for their respective computer education courses.
  • The said relaxation in fees shall be given for special courses prescribed by Sarva Education Authorised Centre head only time to time. The photocopy of certificate of above mentioned category should be attested by Gazetted Officer and the same shall be enclosed with Sarva Education student’s Admission or Registration form.
  • Note: Sarva Education Head Office charge nominal one time registration fee of courses from centre head which includes roll number issuance fee, diploma/certificate printing fee, postage fee or other administrative charges. All other type of fees such as Admission Fee, Tuition fee, Examination fee will be decided & charged by Concerned computer franchise Centre head as par infrastructure facility, Teaching Standard, Geographical condition of area, population of area etc. Relaxation Scheme is applicable to Admission Fee, Tuition fee & Examination fee only not for Registration Fee. Only computer Centre franchise head has right to offer said scheme in his/her centre.
Student’s Attendance Record system made for computer franchise Institutes
  1. Student has to make declaration of his/her 75% regular attendance on the Student’s Attendance Record Form, which shall be signed by the student at the time of his/her admission and submitted to the computer education franchise centre director for his/her regular attendance record.
  2. If any student fails to fulfill 75% regular attendance condition, he/she shall not be allowed to appear in the examination & no excuse shall be entertained.
  3. Student can apply for leave by writing a leave application and submitting the same to affiliated computer centre director or by writing a reason for leave along with leave days, date, signature in the registered maintained by the computer franchise center director for student leaves.
  4. Students who are appearing in academic examinations (10th, +2, U.G & PG. etc.) can apply to our respective certified computer institute franchise director for leave of 40 days. But during this period student must continue to make their monthly Tuition fee installments as per the course duration schedule.
  5. A student who remains absent continuously for 35 days, without getting prior written permission from the computer center franchise director, shall not be allowed to enter into the class-room(theory/lab). He/she can be allowed to enter the class if he/she pays 50% of Admission/Registration fee to concerned- computer institute franchise- head.
Prescribed % Grade Norms for students studying- in our computer affiliated centres in-

(On the basis of percentage of marks obtained in qualifying examinations)





75 & >

A+ Excellent

60 > 74.9

A Good

50 >59.9

B+ fair

35 > 44.9

B Satisfactory




Legal- All Above Mentioned Courses are Copyrighted by SITED- If the same courses are found anywhere e.g. on internet, websites, printed materials & in any digital form, then legal action shall be taken under copyright laws of India against defaulter/s.

Disclaimer- All software name mentioned herein are the registered trademark or property of their legal owner and shown here for the promotion of non commercial I.T. & skill advancement training awareness, literacy programme outside formal education- learning sector by SITED, student & centre head can contact the availability or purchase of mentioned softwares herein from their legal owner or their authorized business partner.